25th June 2018

Laid on her bed the breeze soft on her shoulders, she heard his voice out the window talking to a neighbour and jumped up to see him. Moonlight shone on Papa's dreadlocks. He waved. She copied. A forgotten memory caught in her chest. One from when she was four, five, six, of waiting to see... Continue Reading →

13th July 2018

Most precious, life. I cup you in my hands and feel the pearl of you in my heart, life. In the wind that pounds my face, in the sadness of each sunset's goodbye, life. Spread through our smiles, singing, foot-tapping and laughing, oh you are good, even when your teardrops of rain beat down on... Continue Reading →

3:45am 1st January 2019

I wake in the night, petrified. Fear surrounds, drowns from the inside, out. Your presence blinds my courage with your invisible mutation. It weakens my spirit. You are constant.

22nd December 2018

She wants to freeze time. Ask fate to be kind and grant more moments for them to just sit together. Hypothetical torture: questions of, "if in the past she'd done this" butcher her thoughts. Blame is dry sand - tangible, but impossible to hand. Tears replace faith and prayers. For now, she likes to touch... Continue Reading →

Faith over Fear.

I get overwhelmed driving down the road considering how many times in my life I've driven down that damn spot, how much of my life has been wasted in my car driving over that grey tarmac. It's not really the journey. It's what it represents: all the moments of my life I've wasted on mundane... Continue Reading →

The starts of my writing, and stops.

Heard from Hellie who gave me feedback on the new plot outline I wrote for her, so last week when I'd been planning to write loads I ended up pulling out one of the themes from the manuscript (I'm halfway-ish through writing it). She's right of course. It's better without. I was trying too hard... Continue Reading →

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