13th July 2018

Most precious, life.
I cup you in my hands and feel the pearl of you in my heart,
In the wind that pounds my face,
in the sadness of each sunset’s goodbye,
Spread through our smiles, singing, foot-tapping and laughing,
oh you are good,
even when your teardrops of rain beat down on us, life.
In our family’s eyes that others’ can’t see through,
we glow lunar.
This is the favourite part, dearest life.
An unknown length of string,
we trip and catch ourselves on the tight-rope of life
and hold each other up when life jumps with its weight onto our resilient shoulders, heavy life.
Delicate precious gift of life,
you are heavy.
We are human.
Why be so brutal?
Life, why drown us before we cherish the bubble of you?
Life, I see you.
I cup you in my hands, look down at your thin shell and feel you clamped around us.
We push back.

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