22nd August 2019


Before you got confused and covered your nose
with red lipstick,
you were glamorous.

On a Saturday night when I was little and Blind Date was on,
you would stand in front the mirror
in the center of the living room
and shroud yourself in a mist of potent perfume,
then Blind Date would be over,
the dreaded notes of Murder She Wrote
would fill the air.

You wore fancy dresses
and covered your face in powder.
I watched from the sofa
as you got “ready to go up the club.”

Such a grown-up. Such a lady 💛

I knew you – like we do now-,
loved to dance
and a few years later would watch you step side to side
with a big smile on your face
up the British Legion.
Oh, Elvis, oh!
And when we did the twist!
What moments.

In recent years,
even at the very end when you could hardly move
familiar songs would brighten your eyes,
twitch your fingers and toes
and you’d hum along to Love Me Tender.

Love Me Tender.
Love Me Tender.

You did.

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