Use it to write.

Cam and I broke up. It was amicable and necessary, but still, there is sadness for the devastated hopes we had orginally. We just weren't being productive together. At least it's warm at Nan's, my fingers are no longer numb and I'm writing and playing violin again. Been avoiding my manuscript as I didn't want... Continue Reading →

A writer’s distractions.

Last year, writing was a tornado and I was gripped, swirled around in the frenzy of the story I wanted to tell. This year, writing is like a glass bottle lazily floating in the Channel, drifting towards shore; I see it, waddle towards it, freak out at the touch of seaweed on my feet and... Continue Reading →

Flaccid ideas.

30th March 2018 The online anthology for the Creative Writing MA has been released. Surprisingly, I felt elated when I spotted the announcing tweet and realised it was two years ago I stared at the screen of my previous (temperamental) laptop clicking through profiles of previous students who had completed the MA and finished manuscripts,... Continue Reading →

Amiably ignored.

20th March 2018   Submitted my manuscript to Hellie Ogden at Janklow and Nesbit on Saturday following shortlisting for the prize and have had a serious wobble. Despite her being very clear that drafts are "completely fine" after I explicitly declared that my MS was very "drafty", I'm a nervous wreck. Truth is, I was... Continue Reading →


March 4th 2018   Got my first rejection last week, from Linen Press. Really excited by it. It's one of the first steps to becoming a published writer. A 'real' writer. Though I still don't know what I mean by 'real'. When I spoke to Mum and Eli about it a year ago, I said... Continue Reading →

About me

Welcome to my website. A place to keep up to date with me as I try to make it as a published novelist. Three years ago I decided, 'I'm going to be a writer.' Until that point, I'd been pretty miserable hopping from job to job. After the existential crisis that was my twenties, I... Continue Reading →

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