Amiably ignored.

20th March 2018   Submitted my manuscript to Hellie Ogden at Janklow and Nesbit on Saturday following shortlisting for the prize and have had a serious wobble. Despite her being very clear that drafts are "completely fine" after I explicitly declared that my MS was very "drafty", I'm a nervous wreck. Truth is, I was... Continue Reading →


March 4th 2018   Got my first rejection last week, from Linen Press. Really excited by it. It's one of the first steps to becoming a published writer. A 'real' writer. Though I still don't know what I mean by 'real'. When I spoke to Mum and Eli about it a year ago, I said... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to my website. A place to keep up to date with me as I try to make it as a published novelist. Three years ago I decided, 'I'm going to be a writer.' Until that point, I'd been pretty miserable hopping from job to job. After the existential crisis that was my twenties, I... Continue Reading →

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