17th April ’20. Day 25 of Isolation.

Yesterday, the message changed on the news. Now? Everyone's at risk, all ages: stay at home. They could make the message resonate more: "stay home and bake", "stay home, sew, use the garden rake", "stay home, learn, change your fate", "stay home, Houseparty mates", "stay home, Skype date", "stay home, sleep late", "stay home in... Continue Reading →

16th April ’20. Day 24 of Isolation.

Isolation has been extended another three weeks. Thankfully. The daily death toll continues to rise despite how far away it feels in sunny, rural Somerset where I drink strong tea and keep my sun-burned nose buried in a book. I tuned into the News again tonight, after Israel went for his walk - he gets pissed... Continue Reading →

14th April ’20. Day 22 of Isolation.

I'd felt lethargic. Lazy. Like I never wanted to do anything ever again if it required moving. The brown sofa, my cradle. When the weather changed and heat spread over the fresh shit that was the cold day, I suddenly felt alive. IMAGINE: isolation without warmth. 😫😫😫 The sun, our ultimate energy giver raised me... Continue Reading →

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